Knowledge is fundamental for evolution. Energy efficiency – a much debated and sought after concept – can be arrived at only by knowing and understanding consumption. The Energy Management System provided by Adrem Link is the right tool for this first step towards energy efficiency. The solution integrates the EnergyCAST software platform, as well as equipment and services dedicated to implementing the system.

Aside from this major advantage, EnergyCAST is also required for the following purposes:

  • Meeting the requirements stipulated in Law 121/2014 on energy efficiency. For economic operators, excluding SMEs, the law provides for a compulsory energy audit every 4 years with the proposal of measures to reduce consumption. The EnergyCAST tool is necessary for this audit, since it provides accurate consumption data.
  • Implementing the ISO 50001 energy management standard. This standard contains specific technical aspects, such as continuous recording of energy data and conducting analysis to identify and assess operational energy consumption. EnergyCAST helps obtain this data.

The core of the Integrated Energy Management System is the EnergyCAST software platform. It provides essential data necessary to take decisions for the purpose of optimizing utility consumption (electricity, thermal energy, natural gas, steam, etc.) which the beneficiary wants to measure. The information relies on measuring consumption and collecting, centralizing and analyzing data.