About Us

Adrem Link uses its experience to develop and deliver smart efficiency and consumption solutions highlighting green energy, dedicated to both B2B and B2C segments – turnkey solutions for energy efficiency, photovoltaic systems, energy management for smart cities and smart lighting solutions . Adrem Link also reads electricity meters and serves 1.4 million subscribers in the Oltenia region.
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Adrem history

  • 2016
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2022

A new company is established - Adrem Link, which joins the other Adrem Companies operating in the energy field.

The Adrem Companies, operating in the energy field, reposition themselves on the market, as follows: Adrem Automation
becomes Adrem Engineering; Adrem Invest retains the name of the oldest company in the ABBC Group.


Three years after being founded, Adrem Link consolidates its strategy, with a focus
on green energy as a themebrought forth to the responsible consumer concerned with a sustainable future.


2020 is the year when Adrem Link begins to consolidate its position in the market. Thus, over 1,800 solar panels with a total installed power of 557kw were installed.


2700 photovoltaic panels installed with an installed power of 1000 kw.