About Us

ADREM LINK promotes solutions for energy efficiency, visibility & information, operational optimization, automation & control.
The newest company of the Group – Adrem Link – addresses both energy-intensive users, such as municipalities, industrial and retail consumers, as well as consumers in the residential sector and small-sized office buildings. The company is strategically focused on the Internet of Things, Cloud architectures and “as a Service” models, and it aims to become an opinion leader in new technology assimilation in Romania and to ensure efficient energy consumption for its clients, through optimized operations and process visibility.


Adrem history

  • 2016
  • 2019
  • 2020

A new company is established - Adrem Link, which joins the other Adrem Companies operating in the energy field.

The Adrem Companies, operating in the energy field, reposition themselves on the market, as follows: Adrem Automation
becomes Adrem Engineering; Adrem Invest retains the name of the oldest company in the ABBC Group.


Three years after being founded, Adrem Link consolidates its strategy, with a focus
on green energy as a themebrought forth to the responsible consumer concerned with a sustainable future.


2020 is the year when Adrem Link begins to consolidate its position in the market. Thus, over 1,800 solar panels with a total installed power of 557kw were installed.