The meter reading services include a set of actions aimed at accurately processing data collected from electricity or natural gas consumers.

In order to achieve high efficiency and rigor, the services are carried out by a team of experienced readers, serving household consumers and small economic agents, both in the urban and rural areas.

The workflow is bidirectional, towards the distribution company and towards the consumer, and it includes three sub-processes:

  1. activity planning
  2. meter reading, identifying and recording anomalies, visual inspection of the meter and of the power supply equipment
  3. processing collected data

The entire process is digitalized using a Workforce Management system, and the staff is equipped with mobile devices (PDAs) for real-time connection to the IT system of the power or gas distributor. The procedure is carried out through a GPRS communication protocol.

The software platform used by Adrem Link allows integration of the data management systems dedicated to the specific needs of each client for the purpose of storing, analyzing and reporting collected data. These are steps of the unified administration process, which are interconnected with the invoicing system. Based on the recorded and validated consumption index, the provider issues the related invoice.