Adrem Link helps meet the national standards concerning energy efficiency, transposed by Law 121/2014, providing energy audit services for companies falling under the scope of this legislation, but also for companies concerned with energy savings.

According to these regulations, commercial companies with a consumption exceeding 1000 toe (tones of oil equivalent) are under the following obligations:

  • to undergo an energy audit every 4 years, which must be conducted by an entity authorized by ANRE
  • to put together programs for the improvement of energy efficiency
  • to appoint an energy manager (internal or external contractor) certified by ANRE

Our company is an authorized Class II complex energy auditor in compliance with Order 38/2013 by the National Energy Regulator. In addition, the 6 energy auditors authorized by ANRE to conduct thermal and electrical energy balances attest to our technical competence in delivering this service.

The energy audit is a natural component in our company’s portfolio, considering our constant concern for energy efficiency and energy performance. Through the proposed packages of measures, we ensure very good results in terms of energy saving and rapid return on investment.


  • Defining the analyzed contour for the drafting of the complex energy audit
  • Collecting and analyzing consumption data both from an electrical and from a thermal point of view
  • Conducting qualitative and quantitative energy metering
  • Carrying out the real energy balance
  • Identifying optimization solutions
  • Conducting the optimized energy balance
  • Presenting the financial performance indicators used for the economic assessment of the proposed energy efficiency measures
  • Conducting the economic analysis of the energy efficiency measures
  • Determining the environmental impact of the proposed energy efficiency measures
  • Creating a hierarchy, prioritizing and presenting the implementation plan of the proposed energy efficiency measures


  • Determining the energy strategy
  • Generating savings, including recovering the investments carried out for this purpose
  • Understanding technological and energetic processes
  • Directing investments towards key priorities and, implicitly, cash flow management
  • Modernizing the facilities for the purpose of optimizing equipment operation
  • Optimizing costs per product unit
  • Improving energy quality
  • Increasing safety in operation
  • Taking the first step in implementing standard ISO 50001

Reference: United Romanian Breweries Bereprod (URBB), ANCHOR Group – Anchor Office & Bucharest Mall & Plaza Mall, AVICOLA Focsani


Adrem Link’s energy audit for buildings services are a response to the legal requirements and European standards in this area, such as Law 372/2005 which is meant to increase awareness regarding energy efficiency and improving the energy performance of buildings. The main objective of these services is to determine the most feasible solutions to increase energy efficiency, including energy performance certification for buildings.

Integrated services in energy audit for buildings:

  • Recording and analyzing consumption based on the building’s operating history
  • Conducting qualitative and quantitative energy measurements
  • Examining the condition of the building, by analyzing both the geometric and the thermal characteristics
  • Outlining modernization solutions
  • Conducting an economic analysis of the required investments
  • Proposing an action plan
  • Energy performance certification and classification into performance classes

Benefits of conducting the energy audit:

  • Reducing energy consumption costs
  • Adopting the most suited solutions to increase energy performance and comfort
  • Eliminating the low voltage distribution tariff
  • Reducing building taxes with the reduction of the ecological footprint