Lighting is an essential component of a community and of an economy, as it reflects the level of development. Moreover, lighting makes up for 19% of the global electricity consumption, which makes it a major concern due to the spending it generates.

Here at Adrem Link we are constantly up to date with the regulations, strategies and trends in the energy field at global and national level, building solutions focused on energy efficiency. We propose comprehensive lighting solutions which integrate reliable and efficient equipment and technologies, smart software applications and a full service package.

Through our solutions we cover a great variety of lighting types:

  • Public street lighting and pedestrian lighting
  • Specialized road lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Decorative and festive lighting
  • Commercial and residential lighting
  • Street lighting

In terms of lighting solutions, we provide a full range of services and technologies:

  • Indoor, outdoor or industrial luminaires
  • Luminaires for traffic lights and traffic signs
  • Luminaire support pillars
  • Fluorescent tubes and compact economic light bulbs
  • LEDs in power applications, which can be enclosed in overhead platforms, projectors, tubes or strips
  • Cold cathode tubes
  • Assembly accessories
  • Communication and IT infrastructure

Through our team of specialists and the field personnel, we provide comprehensive lighting services:

  • Energy audit services
  • Energy manager services
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical and financial consultancy
  • Design and engineering services
  • Developing applications and software platforms for management and control
  • Operational management and project management
  • Commissioning services
  • Maintenance services
  • Modernization and expansion of the lighting networks



Being aware of the challenges faced by local public authorities in their efforts to observe the European and national legislation in this field, to reduce energy spending, but also to provide comfort and safety for the population, Adrem Link has developed a broad portfolio of lighting solutions dedicated to the public sector.

An important role in this portfolio is played by Adrem Light, an integrated tele-management system for the lighting network. With its help, we are able to transform the lighting network into a smart infrastructure, through management, control and modernization of all luminaires.

The functions of Adrem Light:

  • It controls all individual lighting sources in the network – switch on, switch off, change of light intensity
  • It controls the luminous flow by maintaining a constant or necessary level, or by dynamically changing it depending on the changes in the area
  • It monitors the entire lighting network, it identifies failures and failure places
  • It allows installing surveillance systems throughout the lighting network
  • It ensures a link between the ignition points and the distributions boxes through power lines or WiFi

Advantages of using the Adrem Light solution:

  • Budget savings
    • possibility of ESCO financing
    • savings of up to 35% through efficiency consumption management
    • operational costs reduced by up to 42% by increasing the efficiency of the repair and maintenance works, alongside preventive maintenance carried out based on system-generated reports
  • Alignment with the EU requirements in terms of Energy Efficiency
    • reducing CO2 emissions and transforming the city in a greener space, by diminishing lighting and energy waste
  • Comfort and safety for inhabitants
  • Effortless investment, easy to implement



Thanks to its capacity to redefine the surrounding space, light is a differentiating factor. From this perspective, architectural lighting generates added value. Artesian fountains, public roads, parks, buildings and commercial centers can all be enhanced when using the appropriate lighting. Through our architectural lighting solutions, we can create ambiance, and at the same time, we provide safety and comfort.

There are three fundamental aspects in terms of architectural lighting, which we acknowledge and abide by:

  • Aesthetics. Through our architectural lightning projects, we transform buildings and spaces into stories, we create emotions, we conceal defects, we delight viewers
  • Ergonomics. Our solutions are carefully designed to ensure the highest level functionality
  • Energy efficiency. We dedicate special attention to consumption and we make sure there are no losses or inefficiencies through this type of lighting

In designing lighting solutions, we are both creative and pragmatic. We tell the story with no interruptions and with minimum consumption of resources.

In our solutions we integrate various equipment depending on the type of project, using everything from RGB LEDs or high power full-color LEDs, to spot lights or LED light bars. All lighting installations can be integrated, managed and controlled using dedicated software applications.



The purpose of Adrem Link’s interior lighting solutions is to create an environment suited for activities carried out indoors, with optimum consumption of electricity.

Our solutions are adapted to the destination of the building:

  • Office buildings
  • Residential buildings
  • Malls and commercial spaces
  • Entertainment areas
  • Hotels
  • Public institutions
  • Education institutions
  • Hospitals

We provide modern lighting control solutions for all these types of buildings through a dedicated configuration software. The result is a maximum capitalization of electricity through precise lighting control depending on the occupation rate, traffic and use of natural light.

The functionalities of the Adrem Link smart indoor lighting solutions:

  • Lighting control, with predefined scenarios per area or per lighting group, depending on preferences and requirements
  • Flexibility, with the access through wireless buttons, remote controls or mobile devices
  • Adaptation based on the occupation rate, interruption or dimming of light in parts of the building that in use or transit The analysis of the occupation rate is done using motion sensors
  • Exploiting natural light. The level of artificial lighting is set depending on the intensity of the natural light, which is determined using light sensors
  • Effortless integration with other building control systems, such as alarm & security systems, multimedia, HVAC, etc.

Our smart lighting control solutions for commercial spaces or building reduce installation and operation costs, increase energy efficiency and boost comfort and safety.



Choosing the right lighting is essential, since it has a major influence on performance and on the efficiency of industry workers, but also on safety at work.

Lighting for industrial spaces is regulated under the standard for the design and execution or artificial lighting systems for buildings – NP 061-02, in order to ensure comfort in the production processes and avoidance of work accidents.

In designing the optimum industrial lighting solutions, our team considers several parameters, such as:

  • The intensity of natural light
  • The type of structure and the dimensions of the building
  • The type of areas, the working plan or the neighboring areas
  • The type of surfaces and the composition of the materials to determine the level of reflection of light
  • Location of the machinery and production lines depending on area type (high or low risk)
  • The operation of machinery and installations, including the level of spark triggering
  • Vibration level
  • Temperature

With wide applicability, especially for industrial lighting solutions, LED lights are one of the most modern and efficient lighting solutions with notable performances in terms of heat management, optics and use time.

Industrial lighting solutions with LED light are superior to traditional solutions and have a series of key advantages:

  • Energy efficiency – they reduce up to 50% of the electricity consumption
  • Control – LED light can be used with light and motion sensors for efficient electricity consumption management
  • Reduced maintenance – industrial LED light lamps do not require maintenance
  • Safety – they provide resilience and stability, safe operation, fire safety, noise protection

LED light systems can be used for the following purposes:

  • Industrial buildings
  • Production buildings
  • Refrigerated storage buildings
  • Storage spaces