Installation of photovoltaic panels

Adrem link teams have experience in installing solar panels, making various such installations throughout the country, in multiple locations, each with different features.

Watch below a drone footage from a solar panel installation by the Adrem Link team.

Clients: individuals and legal entities, beneficiaries through the Green House program or upon request

Installed power: 3kw / 5kw

Installation duration: 4h – 10h depending on location and conditions

Adrem Link team: 3 people

Equipment: solar panels (eg 12 panels for 3kw), smart meter, cables, other accessories

Description: Inspecting the location, determining the best way to place the solar panels so as to ensure maximum light and heat, establishing cable routes. This is followed by the preparation of the roof, the dismantling of any constructions on the roof (eg snow guards), the lifting of the panels and their fixing on the roof. After mounting the panels, they are connected to the panel and put into operation.