Environmental protection is one of our concerns, which is why our company’s portfolio includes comprehensive solutions for photovoltaic energy production, energy storage and recovery and energy efficiency. Our solutions are designed for the industrial sector, the commercial and the public sector, as well as for small consumers. Through our technology partners, we cover various applications and we promote both traditional solutions as well as innovative technologies.

Our systems are designed for office buildings, commercial spaces, logistics centres, industrial production spaces, but also residential buildings, both collective and individual. In principle, any building has the potential of becoming a source of green energy. The energy thus obtained can be used for lighting, powering equipment inside and outside the building, powering the charging stations for electric vehicles, or it can be stored and used later on, when the solar radiation is below the required level.

We are devoted to transforming any idea into a project with rapid return on investment, by providing services in consultancy, authorisation, designing and obtaining of financing.


The photovoltaic panels integrated by Adrem Link in its solutions are flexible and are available either transparent or in a broad range of colours. This allows creating original design concepts, thus boosting the value of the buildings.

The types of equipment included in our solar panel and energy storage projects:

  • Classic photovoltaic panels, glass structure
  • Flexible and light photovoltaic panels, suitable for any existing support structure
  • Grid invertors for on-grid applications
  • Autonomous invertors for off-grid applications
  • Batteries for energy storage featuring various technologies, depending on each application
  • Distribution panels and power supply solutions


Adrem’s experience of over 15 years in energy infrastructure makes us market leaders in providing services which lead to successful renewable energy projects:

  • Consultancy
  • Technical support
  • Design
  • Obtaining permits and authorisations
  • Financing
  • Electrical services
  • Turn-key implementation
  • Dispatch
  • Commissioning
  • Warranty
  • Service and project maintenance
  • Energy infrastructure maintenance


We integrate photovoltaic solar panels and power storage solutions with:

  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Smart lighting solutions
  • Automation solutions (BMS)
  • Automation solutions for residential applications (Smart Home)