In the context of a consumption based economy, each buying experience should become remarkable. Consequently, we have developed a series of solutions, as part of the energy efficiency portfolio, dedicated to the retail sector which contributes increasing comfort in commercial spaces and optimizing consumption. By implementing the Integrated Energy Management System, a smart lighting solution or a Building Management system we are not just boosting efficiency, we are creating suited ambiances.



Food production companies must observe a series of complex requirements and regulations. In order to get a clear understanding of these challenges, we offer a full range of solutions to boost the visibility of energy processes in the production area. This visibility is supported by our integrated Energy Management platform (which features Energy Audit and Energy Manager services, as well as the EnergyCast platform), which contributes to decreasing operating costs by monitoring critical elements in the production process and by increasing the efficiency by monitoring and managing key performance indicators (KPIs) for these products. For total intuitive control of the production units, we also implement SCADA & Plant Information System solutions. We also deliver BMS solutions, Photovoltaic systems and Lighting solutions.





Adrem Link’s solutions for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics industry enable control, automation, monitoring and displaying of processes and of energy consumption in great detail, which makes it easy to follow and manage the entire process. We provide a series of Energy Management solutions which contain Energy Audit and Energy Manager services and the EnergyCast platform. Adrem Link’s portfolio includes design, configuration and installation of SCADA & Plant Information Systems, lighting solutions and photovoltaic systems.





The machinery, tools and equipment manufacturing industry is one of the most important industrial branches in the European Union, which has immense growth potential in Romania. By observing these estimates and the general market trend, Adrem Link provides services and solutions for achieving high energy efficiency, based on its expertise as an integrator in the field of energy optimization. Adrem Link offer a package which includes monitoring, management and optimization of existing processes: Energy Audit and Energy Manager services, the EnergyCast platform, SCADA & Plant Information System solutions, lighting solutions and photovoltaic systems, electrical vehicle charging stations and BMS solutions.
Similar to the machinery, tools and equipment manufacturing industry, in the case of the metallurgy and ironworks industry energy consumption represents a significant percentage of the overall costs. Moreover, branches of the industry with consumptions exceeding 1000 toe/year are under the legal obligation to increase energy efficiency. Consequently, the Energy Management solutions package (the Energy Audit and Energy Manager services, the EnergyCast platform) meets the requirements of the European Directives and contributes to optimizing consumption and reducing energy costs. Adrem Link’s portfolio also includes comprehensive SCADA & Plant Information System solutions for process automation and control, as well as industrial lighting solutions and photovoltaic systems.



Logistic centers are also large energy consumers. Monitoring energy consumption per operational center is the optimal solution and a necessary first step in reducing energy consumption related costs.
The Adrem Link series of solutions for monitoring and optimizing consumption includes: the Energy Audit services and Energy Manager services, and the EnergyCast platform. The facilities provided by the logistic centers to clients are a key differentiator, and Adrem Link proposes a variety of Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations integrated in smart management platforms. Lighting solutions, BMS solutions and photovoltaic systems are also included in the range of services aimed at energy efficiency.



In the building materials industry energy related costs are amongst the highest. Therefore, Adrem Link’s solution package could be the optimal investment in the long run, as it is designed to focus on energy efficiency. The Energy Management range of solutions (the Energy Audit services and Energy Manager services, and the EnergyCast platform) help to collect accurate information about consumption per product unit and to reduce costs, by optimizing energy consumption. In addition, the additional lighting solutions, BMS solutions and photovoltaic systems complete the range of solutions for energy efficiency.



The current management of real estate of any kind has a major impact on resource preservation in the long run. Adrem Link’s solutions contribute to fulfilling the requirements in terms of energy efficiency, and also to optimizing consumption. The integrated system of energy management (consumer metering, prognosis and consumption analysis, the Energy Audit services and Energy Manager services) enable real-time monitoring of consumption per area. Together with the photovoltaic systems, it helps to increase consumption efficiency and to reduce energy related costs. We can transform buildings into smart spaces, through the Building Management System solution which allows punctual control of all pieces of equipment. Comfort will increase with the implementation of an Adrem Link lighting solution. We also provide Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations.



With the new regulations and the liberalization of the electricity market, it is becoming essential for electricity providers to be able to predict in a timely and correct manner the total consumption, but also the second day consumption. This is important first of all for own consumption management but it is also important as it provides relevant information for its consumers. This is why Adrem Link is offering providers an integrated energy management solution. Within our energy efficiency portfolio we have developed a real-time consumption monitoring solution – EnergyCast.



The size and number of the fuel distribution stations are constantly growing, therefore managing consumption and observing new European standards in terms of energy efficiency can be challenging. The package of services provided by Adrem Link responds to these needs and includes an Integrated Energy Management System, Energy Audit and Energy Manager services. At the same time, fuel distribution is provided continuously and the gas station network must be adapted to respond as efficiently as possible to customer needs. We also provide smart lighting systems for transforming every customer visit in a pleasant experience and for increasing consumption efficiency.



Our smart energy efficiency solutions for municipalities have a twofold purpose: to sustain community development and to increase safety and comfort for inhabitants. We created a special platform for energy management – Energy HUB, which allows both monitoring and optimizing local consumption, while ensuring sustainable growth for the municipalities by interactive involvement of the population in using energy resources. The Smart Public Lighting Solutions or the Building Management System can be easily integrated into the municipal energy platform.